Kafuring to Barley!

Kafuring to Barley! We have changed our name on 09/09/19! As a medical chain organization that focuses on healthy hair growth and hair transplantation surgery, Beijing Damai Medical Beauty Hospital Co. Ltd. is devoted to providing the highest success rates in hair restoration. With the revolutionary Choi Micro-needle Pen (Choi), we are changing the game in hair restoration surgery. The Choi implanter is less invasive than tools used at other clinics and plant hairs at the perfect depth for hair growth. This means that you are guaranteed to see amazing results. Take a look at how our Choi works differently from the traditional method below!

The Old Method

Our Modern Method


Barley has eight national patents in for our advanced hair restoration technology.


With 26 locations in China it is easy to get to one of our hospitals.


We can help you book a round-trip ticket to China, so you don't need to worry about it.


We offer you the service of staying at our own 5 star hotel within the hospital, which is offered to our overseas patients for free.

Beijing Hospital

Barley Hair Transplant Hospital Group has enjoyed a high reputation in the hair restoration field because of its outstanding performance. Since foundation, Barley Hair Transplant Hospital Group has been in the lead both in the introduction of hair loss treatment methods from western countries and in the research and development of the hair restoration technologies. In 1997, Barley took the lead to bring the advanced hair transplant technologies from the United States. Since then, it opened a new stage in the research and clinical application of autologous hair transplantation technologies. The headquarter of Barley Hair Transplant Hospital in Beijing not only continued to introduce advanced hair transplantation devices from western countries, but also made remarkable achievements in self-developed hair restoration technologies. In recent years, Barley Beijing branch has successfully obtained eight patents.

Our understanding of the different requirements of patients travelling from overseas ensures a personalized journey throughout your whole treatment. The Barley Hair Transplant Hospital Group will be with you every step of the way.

Kafuring to Barley! We have changed our name on 09/09/19!