Questions and Answers

Most Common Post-Operative Care Questions

I was told the new transplanted hair would fall out twenty days post surgery. Is it true?

Yes, start from 20 days to three month following the procedure, the hair would enter the telogen phase, it is natural that some hair fall out, please don’t worry about it.

When can I stop wearing a hat post surgery?

You should not wear a hat one week post surgery.

When I run my fingers through my fallen hairs, I found some gooey stuff on the end of the hair. Are they hair follicles?

No, the hair follicles have been firmly rooted one week after the hair transplant surgery. The stuff coming out are usually grease and dandruff which are secreted because you didn’t wash your hair one week post surgery. After a while when you can wash your hair completely and regularly, the gooey stuff will disappear.

Why is my the scalp still swollen one month post surgery?
The skin metabolism and absorption capacities of patients are different, so the recovery time varies among
How to treat folliculitis post surgery?

First please use bactericides such as Iodophor to disinfect by killing bacteria. Early folliculitis can be directly treated by iodine. If folliculitis has gone bad, it is necessary to pierce the pustule. Then apply iodine to disinfect, and smear Bactroban (if the inflammation went worse, please take anti inflammatory medicines). It will be cured in a few days.

It has been one month post surgery,and I have been really careful about the diet such as avoiding spicy food and seafood. Why do I still have folliculitis?

There are a few reasons. It could be because the whether is really hot, you sweat a lot and pores would be easily clogged. Second reason might be you are genetically more prone to inflammation, in that case you can take some anti-inflammatory tablets or get anti-inflammatory infusion at our hospital. It will recover soon.

What can I do about the swelling in recipient area post surgery?
The effect of anesthesia is different among people. Please don’t drink water after nine o’clock at night.
I heard exercises would increase testosterone. Is it true?

Regular exercise can certainly enhance physical fitness and it is not directly related to testosterone level improvement. Working out will surely benefit our body in general.

Why does my scalp feel tight and tingly?

Each person's sensitivity to pain is not the same, and there are more small nerves in the scalp, these tiny nerves will be temporarily blocked post surgery. The tight and tingling feeling is normal. This feeling can last one month post surgery for some people because they are more sensitive to pain. Please don’t worry about it.

Why did I have folliculitis post surgery? Does that mean my scalp got infected during the procedure?

First of all the practices in the operating room are aseptic, infection is impossible to occur during the procedure. But if patient ate food that is too greasy or spicy post surgery, folliculities might happen. Also if a patient didn’t wash their hair properly or they are genetically prone to inflammation, folliculitis might occur post surgery. But do not worry, we now have a number of medications for the treatment of folliculitis, the folliculitis can be cured quickly. Folliculitis usually occurs one month or two months post surgery, as the new hair follicles create new blood circulations and it will cause the excessive secretion of sebum. When the sebum can not be eliminated in time, it will accumulate locally and cause folliculitis.

When I washed my hair twenty days post surgery, why do I see a lot of dandruff?

It is normal. Because the skin in recipient area will have the reaction of sebaceous hyperplasia post surgery. You can come to our hospital and receive the deep pore cleaning therapy and the dandruff will be cured soon.

I feel pain occasionally in the donor area especially when weather changes, did the surgery hurt my nerves?
Hair transplant surgery doesn’t involve nerves and vessels. The local anesthetic has already been eliminated right

Most Common Post-Operative Result Questions

Why did I lose hair post surgery? Will the new hair grow back?

Hair shedding is normal following the procedure. It can be noticed anywhere between 1-5 weeks after the procedure. It is the body’s reaction to the trauma it received during the hair transplant procedure. You can be assured that new hairs will grow back again. New hair will take time to mature and will grow at different rates.

Five months post surgery only little transplanted hair starts to grow, is it normal?

The hair growth rates are different among people. Same goes for the effect of post surgery medical treatment. Right now, your hair is undergoing the growing phase, the effect does not show up. We have many patients who shared the same experience with us post surgery. However, when it came to nine months to one year post surgery, the hair grew natural and faster. Please be more patient.

Six months post surgery, I’m doubting about the result and it is not what I expected. Any suggestions?

Six months post surgery, the hair has almost all grow out, but the initial growth might be thin, wispy hair so right now it is not the final result. Please stick to the medicine treatment post surgery and trim your hair regularly.

Six months post surgery, why I still feel itchy?
It maybe because you gently rub the shampoo into the scalp when wash hair post surgery,
A few months post surgery, why did the transplanted hair start to grow harder?
It is normal, because the hair extracted from occipital area tend to be stronger and harder.
The new hair looks messy and there are curls. Is it normal?

When the new hair grows out from follicles and penetrates the scalp, it is soft and thin. It will get better after a few times trim. It is similar to the potted plant, regular trims make it grow better. At the same time, we recommend you can use medicines and therapy to enhance nutrition supply as well as to prevent non-transplanted hair from falling out. You can be assured that new hair will grow back again. New hair will take time to mature and will grow at different rates.

When can I see visible and stable hair growth post surgery?

Half a year post surgery, the hair will enter the anagen phase of the grow cycle and continues to grow. Nine months post surgery, you can see the natural hair growth in general. One year post surgery, you can see the final result.

Six months post surgery, the hair density on two sides of the scalp is not the same, and the hair growth direction on two sides is not symmetric. Is it normal?

Each hair follicle growth cycle is different, some hair follicles extracted from occipital area are in the anagen phase,when they are located in frontal area, they will grow faster. But some extracted from occipital area are in the telogen phase,when they are located in front area, the growth rate would be slower. For another question”the direction is not symmetric”, it is caused by the hair style during the initial hair growth. In that case, you can receive a few massage treatments.

Seven months post surgery, the hair growth is natural and good, but I’m worried the non-transplanted hair will shed. What should I do?
We recommend you come to our hospital to recheck, we have a complete post surgery non-transplanted
I can see visible and fast hair growth four to five months post surgery, but not when it comes to seven months post surgery. Why the hair isn’t growing?

When you received the hair transplant procedure, the hair follicles transplanted to your recipient area is on the anagen phase. After four to five months post surgery, the hair will grow fast. However, the hair follicles activity will then decrease, the hair growth rate would slow down. You can take medicine or the ST therapy to enhance hair growth.

Most Common Post-Operative Recovery Questions

My hair keeps falling out and the transplanted hair doesn’t grow, so do these reactions mean that the hair transplant surgery failed?

Right after the surgery the transplanted hair shafts start to shed, new hair has not grown out yet and the pores are closed. It doesn’t mean the surgery failed. Three months to six months post surgery the hair will enter the anagen stage. The hair will grow out slowly. At the same time, we recommend our customized therapy treatment and ST injection therapy at our hospital.

It has already been in the anagen stage, but I still can’t see any visible hair growth. Is there something wrong?
The hair anagen phase is various among people, your hair telogen phase might be longer. Patience
What to do at three months post surgery, I feel itchy in recipient area.Is it normal?
It is normal because hair grows from the follicles in the scalp and the new hair
There is new hair growth five months post surgery but the hair is still shedding. How to stop the shedding?
One reason might be that your hair telogen phase is extended. Normal hair shedding is also