Dr. Li Xingdong Microscopic Hair Transplant

With over 12 years experience in hair restoration, Dr. Li Xingdong, the founder of Barley Hair Transplant Hospital, developed the ” Microscopic Hair Transplant Management System” which soon lead the third revolution in China’s the hair transplant industry.

Hair Transplant

hair transplant
We take care of male and female hair restoration cases.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow planting
We do eyebrow adjustments & repositioning for a well-structured look .

Large Area Hair Transplant

large hair restoration
Barley doctors can cure large areas of hair loss with hair trans plant procedures.

Hairline Adjustment

Hairline adjustment
We can lower the hairlines of both male and female patients for a more youthful appearance.

Beauty Tip Planting

Beauty tip planting
We also do beauty tip planting for women to add beauty to feminine faces : Beaury-Tip Restoration .

Beard Transplant

Beard transplant
Gentlemen, come to us for beard restorations!

Eyelash Restoration

Eyelash planting
Let us take care of your eyelashes! We can add natural density and length to the lashes of both females and males.

Temples & Side Transplant

Corner transplant
We can fill in any hair loss in the temple regions of the hair line (the two regions on either side of the hairline where the hair direction turns downward).

Hair Scar Transplant

Scar hair
Hair loss due to scarring can be catastrophic for anyone. We will fill in any hair loss due to scars and skin damage so it looks like nothing ever happened.

Hair Transplant Repair

Hair loss failure repair
Leave it to us to repair any damages from previous hair transplant surgical failures.

Large Scar Hair Transplant

Skin expander hair transplant
Our high-end technology hair restoration can fill in large area scars .

VIP Hair Restoration

FGF hair transplant
We do offer a VIP Hair Transplant & Create a classic and cosmetic look for our customers.

Hair Transplant Technology

The Latest Follicle Unit Extraction Quickly Resolve Common Small Areas Hair Loss

FUE 3.0 technology is the most common adopted clinical application of hair transplant technology. Once launched, it has won immense favor and recognition among patients. In September 2009, Li Xingdong took the lead to introduce P8000 FUE electric micro incision hair transplant technology from the United States. Through a period of clinical applications and improvement, its technical indicators had fully meet the upgraded standard, and have successfully applied patent in 2011.

Our newest generation of FUE hair transplant technology has the following advantages:

Exempt fatigue from both doctors and patients, the surgery duration is shortened in half;
Extracted more hair follicle units, there are 5385 hair follicle units transplanted in one single surgery on record;
follicle transection rate is close to zero. No damage original hair follicles while transplanted hair follicles remain intact; 
Three desirable surgery results are ensured: hair density improvement, high survival rate of transplanted hair follicles and natural 
hair growth is preserved;
operation techniques with minimal amount of bleeding;
In-house exclusive hair transplant equipment. 

Suitable Candidates:

Best option for candidates who need to transplant more hair follicles through micro incision hair transplant technology;
Best option for candidates who postoperative re prefer to shorten surgery time and gain effective surgery result through micro incision hair transplant technology;
Best option for candidates who desire a quick recovery time. 
Three desirable surgery results are ensured: hair density improvement, high survival rate of transplanted hair follicles and natural 


Follicle Unit Transplantation (FUT) Combined With Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) is Best Solution for Large Area Hair Loss

T + E solution adopts FUE and FUT hair implant technologies in the same surgery procedure. FUE hair transplant technique uses a special instrument to extract individual hair follicles separately from the occipital, and then implants them in recipient area following the direction of hair growth. FUT hair transplant technology takes out a strip from the occipital area, after dissect and cultivate, it will be implanted into the recipient area. With the combination of FUT and FUE, at one hand, the number of transplanted hair follicles can be expanded substantially; on the other hand, it can minimize the strip incision in the occipital area. We are the first institute in China advocating the combination of FUT and FUE in clinical application and the one who brings excellence during the process with classic testimonial renowned in domestic hair transplant industry.

Advantages of adopting FUT combined with adopting FUE

Targeting on large area hair loss, the number of extracted follicles is doubled compared to the number of extracted hair follicles by purely adopting FUE;
Multiple operation options are possible, if original existing hair continues to shed for a while, there will be still a option for you - FUT hair transplant; & nbsp;
Hair follicles are dissected under high resolution microscopes to ensure full use of extracted hair follicles with the survival rate up to 98% & nbsp;

Suitable Candidates:

Large area hair loss patients who are impossible to accept for either FUT or FUE in other clinics ;
In large area hair loss, enough hair follicles cannot be extracted through purely FUE ;
Thinning hair in general; & nbsp;
Scarring hair loss caused by external force or failed surgeries who want to have a more natural hair appearance;
Prefer multiple surgeries, if original hair shed (transplanted hair grow healthily and naturally), it would require second or even third surgery;
Patients with large area hair loss do not want to leave scars in occipital area.


Precisely Tallies the Transplant Techniques

Based on decades of clinic experiences, our expert team concludes that for the patients receiving density improvement hair restoration surgery, the crucial point is to ensure the success of planting the hair follicle, while not damage the existing hair follicles. PTT hair transplant technology is our patent owned technology which specially designed for thinning and soft hair patients who desire density improvement hair restoration.

The newest PTT technology developed by us includes all advantages of FUE3.0 micro incision hair transplant technology but is more sophisticated and professional. The advantages are as follow:

More patented technology instruments are applied in the procedure compared to other surgery procedures; 
There will be no scar left in occipital area during the extraction process;
There will be no scar left in transplanted area during the graft process;
The transplanted hair density can reach up to 80%-90% of the normal hair density; 
Natural surgery result of micro incision, no blood scab, no swelling;
A permanent, natural, satisfying solution with high density, high survival rate, high naturalness of hair follicles

Suitable Candidates:

A natural procedure for hair transplants, hair density increase, beard transplant, temples transplant, window’s peak transplant, eyebrow transplant, eyelash transplant, body hair transplant, scarring hair transplant, hairline adjustment and other types of hair transplant; 
Patients who pursue a minimal incision without bleeding or swelling;
Patients with overall thinning hair who pursue high level of density.


PRE(Precisely Repair Surgical Hair Restoration)

PRE is the exclusive solution developed by our research institute to repair failed surgical hair restoration in 2011. It is designed to combine with all the advanced extraction and planting technologies, the imported British microscope equipment, the hair transplant specialists with years of experience, and aesthetic design of the appearance to improve hair density while achieve a micro incision result. It has been well recognized in the world as the most applicable technology to repair surgical hair restoration failure.

PRE Advantages:

Apply self-developed patented instrument to ensure customized repair procedure for individual patient; 
Eliminate the scar from previous failed hair restoration surgery through repairing process;
Hair follicle damage rate is close to zero; ensure no damage to the original hair follicles, ensure no damage to the transplanted hair follicles; 
Correct the appearance of poorly performed hair transplants, and re-implant in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome;
Full chains of service to ensure surgery result of no pain-taken, itching-occurred or scab-left;
High survival rate of new transplanted hair follicles after repair surgery.

Suitable Candidates:

Patients who underwent failed hair transplant surgery in other hospitals pursue better aesthetic outcome;
Uneven density of hair after the failed hair transplant surgery with obvious difference between the original hair and newly transplanted hair;
Unnatural hair growth direction after the failed hair transplant surgery; 
Obvious trace of incision in recipient area;
Punch and strip scar left in occipital area or recipient area;
Imperfect hairline adjustment in the original surgery.


ZTC (Perfect Combination of Art and Hair Transplant)

ZTC Hair Transplant technology is particularly designed based on features of hair and the characteristics of transplantation. In the micro incision-oriented surgery procedure, the use of living cell is adopted to cultivate the re-growth of follicles. The survival rate can reach up to 98% so as to fundamentally resolve hair loss problem with natural looking result.

Kafuring ZTC aesthetic technology is an exclusive technology which combines hair transplant technology with aesthetic appearance design. It adopts the most advanced technology with micro incision result (transplanting hair follicles fostered by living cell). An appropriate amount of hair follicles in donor area( patients' own occipital area) will be extracted and be thermostatically fostered by living cells. After this procedure, the hair follicles will be transplanted following the growth direction and the density of the eyebrows varying individually. Our goal is to achieve completely natural appearance with as much density as possible. These goals have all been best achieved through previous procedures.

ZTC Aesthetic Hair Transplant Technology Core Advantages:

Safe & Painless : ZTC Aesthetic Hair Transplant Technology is specially designed for woman, it is painless in the procedure and has micro incision;
Short Time & micro incision: Non-surgical treatment and advanced micro incision solution don’t require for the hospitalization of patients.
Natural Result: Implant according to the direction of hair growth and density required, the transplanted hair will be more natural;
Permanent Effect: High hair follicle survival rate after transplant; no shedding afterwards for life long time;
Contract Guarantees: A formal surgical case contract will be signed before surgery to ensure ten years follow-up after service.

Suitable Candidates:

Thinning eyebrows, eyebrow cuts, scarring eyebrow hair loss; the shape of eyebrow needs to be modified; 
Hairline adjustment, window’s peak transplant, receding temples and corner hair transplant, scarring hair loss patients;
Thinning eyelashes, or failed eyelashes transplantation; 
Not satisfied with beard shape, thinning beard hair;


PSE (Precision micro incision Hair Transplant Technology)

PSE (Precision micro incision Hair Transplant Technology ) is an accurate micro incision hair transplant technology,In June 2011, we received the patent certificate for PSE which issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.

PSE Core Advantages:

In the procedure of extracting hair follicles, the instrument can adjust the operation based on the diameter of the hair to ensure the most precise extraction and hair follicles intact. There is micro trauma and no blood scab after transplant; 
Adopt precise transplant instrument in the procedure to achieve natural result in terms of hair growth direction and density. After transplantation, the result will be natural and aesthetic. 
Conventional FUE is complementary to FUT, conventional FUE can only be adopted for small area hair loss. However, if using PSE technology, more than 4000 units of hair follicles can be transplanted in one time which outweigh FUT and FUE in terms of hair follicles extraction amount and transplant amount. 

PSE Suitable Candidates:

Over all hair loss in sinciput area; 
General FUE method cannot extract enough hair follicles;
Patients who want to shorten postoperative recovery time.


FGF(Fibroblast Growth Factor)Autologous Living Cells Combined With Autologous Hair Follicles Hair Transplant Technology

Fibroblast Growth Factor Stimulated Hair Transplant Technology is the most advanced hair transplant technology in the hair transplant field. The fibroblast growth factor can be cultivated through cutting edge technology and then it will be directly injected through a thin needle into the scalp to the end of the hair follicles. As a result, the hair growth environment will be improved substantially. Nature hair growth can be stimulated, original hair shedding can be solved. At the end, under the healthy hair growth environment, original hair growth is consolidated, a full supply of nutrients is prepared for the upcoming nascent transplanted hair follicles. In the FGF Hair Transplant Technology Release Conference held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the technology has won a wide affirmation from authorities including the vice minister of Health and leaders from The Medical Aid foundation (MAF) for Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics.

FGF Core Advantages:

Technology Upgrade: “FGF Double Activating Factors Hair Transplant Technology ”upgrades the conventional FUE and FUT technology into FGF Double Activating Factors (autologous living cells combined with autologous hair follicles), Stimulate hair follicles grow and cell division. With the combined positive effect from autologous living cells, the transplanted hair follicles survival rate is substantially increased with more natural looking hair after surgery.
Autologous Living Cells : High concentrated autologous living cells are extracted through patented high-tech extraction device developed in Switzerland REGEN LAB SA ( RuiZhen), and go through layered process of sterile laboratory cultivation, purification, separation and foster. Autologous living cells can release large amount of growth factors to stimulate cells division, proliferation and differentiation. And the growth factors can accelerate hair growth rate to promote hair follicles to enter the anagen process and possess a stronger ability to regenerate.
Autologous living Hair Follicles:Autologous living Hair Follicles extracted from occipital area will be stored in a test tube, and then can be cultivated by newly injected extracted living cells. Through layered process in sterile lab, the double activating factor is cultivated, and autologous living cells combined with autologous hair follicles ensures every hair follicle staying in highly activated stage. 

Suitable Candidate:

Patients who desire fundamental improvement of the scalp condition, the improvement of hair follicles survival rate, and the revitalization of hair follicle growth;
Patients with limited hair follicles resources who need to minimize the hair follicles transaction rate; 
Patients who have fluffy and thin hair.