Rapid Extraction Guarantees High Survival Rate

The use of precision instruments to improve the speed of hair removal during surgery greatly reduces the extraction time. Thereby, ensuring the high survival rate of the hair follicles.

High Precision

The extraction device can change from 0.6 to 0.8 mm. The width of the extractor can be adjusted automatically. It is a precision hair transplanting device and the skin recovers naturally after surgery.

Ensuring a Natural Look

The use of a new implanter for hair transplantation ensures the effect of “sewing the needle” during the operation. This ensures that you get a high degree of density and a natural looking surgery result.

Modern Technology is Easy to Operate

Upgraded from the original blunt cutting edge to a four-cut blunt toothed cutting edge. The 360 ​​degree operation of the upgraded device makes it easy to grasp the direction of hair growth.

Extraction of a Single Hair Follicle

0.4mm in diameter

Extraction of a Double Hair Follicle

0.6mm in diameter

Extraction of a Three Hair Follicle

0.8mm in diameter

Extraction of a Four Hair Follicle

1.0mm in diameter

Our Patents



Independent Research and Development of Hair Transplants

Utility model patent certificate ZL200620012559.7


Self-Developed Hair Transplant Needle (PTT-B3)

Design Patent Certificate ZL200930126083.9


Self-Developed Hair Transplant Needle (PRE)

Design Patent Certificate ZL201030686716.4


Independent Research and Development of Encrypted Transfer Pen (PTE)

Design Patent Certificate ZL201130135620.3


Self-Developed Micro-Needle Hair Transplant Needle (PSE)

Application Number 201820158678.6

Avoid the Black Market

We want our customers to be careful with black market hair transplants. In the Black Market, you will not be given the quality care you deserve and can be at risk of developing life threatening infections. Several patients are lined up in the same room with surgeries done by technicians. The clinic may have no doctor, or one doctor to “supervise” 10-60 patients. It can be a huge risk for a patient to go to one of these clinics. At Barley we have an extremely high standard for our procedures and we want our patients to be safe.

Our Impressive Pricing

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